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At PlanetHoster, N0C is a type of Hybrid Cloud Hosting in the form of a control panel for managing a World (the other control panel being cPanel).

Sometimes N0C is called “MG Panel“. The URL of N0C with an English interface contains the letters “mg“: https://mg.n0c.com/en/

N0C is a more advanced web hosting platform than the original The World. It has been custom built to meet the unique needs of web actors (web masters, etc.). It implements the latest web standards and allows for fine-tuned management of all aspects of web hosting while maintaining a horizontally scalable model. 

Each N0C user website has its own space and is hosted on a different infrastructure. In addition to being “white-labeled”, it is based on open source software, accessible and reversible for increased security and unparalleled discretion.

MG Panel
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