GreenSnow is a public blacklist created by PlanetHoster as well as its partners specializing in cybersecurity. We track attacks from all over the world and log suspicious addresses in this database. GreenSnow can be compared to a kind of “SpamCop” except that it acts on all services. This list is automatically updated and you can request the removal of your IP address if it accidentally falls into this list.

The types of attacks identified by the GreenSnow device are as follows: Login / Force Brute, infrastructure port scan, FTP / sFTP login repeated, POP3, “SQL injection” (ModSecurity) attacks, IMAP, SMTP, SSH, cPanel, WHM, etc.

Check an IP address

You no longer have access to your website and when you try to connect to your FTP you receive a message like: Connection timeout failed! Most likely your IP address is listed in GreenSnow. Here’s how to unlock it:

1- Display your IP address, you can display it at the top right of our site

2- Log in to GreenSnow to check it:

What if my IP address is blocked by GreenSnow?

If the IP address was blocked, you would receive this kind of message:

Do not panic! You will be able to consult the reason of the blocking by clicking on “See the list of attacks for this IP”, in the example we note that this IP address has scanned the TCP ports of several infrastructures before being blocked

In order to unlock the address 2 steps are required:

1-  Fill out the following form:

2- Click on the link in the confirmation email that the system has sent you. Once you have confirmed the email, the unlock will take a few hours.

GreenSnow:  Type of attacks

You will find a detailed description of each type of attack possible and monitored by GreenSnow on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


GreenSnow:  Statistics

You will find very interesting graphs and statistics on attacks blocked by our GreenSnow security feature on the statistics page

Technical issues

Do not hesitate to contact our team if the Greesnow mechanism caused trouble or technical problems. You can do it directly on the contact page

How can I disable GreenSnow on my hosting?

We use this blocking list on all our accommodations. It is possible to disable this blocking list with HybridCloud type hosting. Please contact us by ticket if necessary.

Updated on 18 August 2021

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