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[WordPress] PageSpeed vs WP Cache Plugin

The advantage of a CMS cache plugin (example: WP-FastestCache) is that it will put the rendering of the cached page and serve the visitors from this cache. This prevents the server from working to generate the page for each visitor. In return, we must think about purging the cache and configure everything to avoid caching some important pages that must remain unique per visitor.

On the other hand, PageSpeed ​​performs similar manipulations to a CMS type cache plugin but ensures that caches that must remain unique per visitor, remain unique!

In addition, an interesting feature is present: include a hash elements of a page (HTML / CSS / JS) – see reference here.

If you modify the content of the website, the hash will change and without any intervention the visitor will load the new content without the webmaster must think to empty the cache! Also, it resizes images, css, javascript and more. It’s almost everything for the webmaster and it’s also free on PlanetHoster hosting (smile)

Here are three tests of the homepage of a WordPress (the homepage included 1 article and the latter had several images).

WordPress sans aucun caching
WordPress avec plugin de cache CMS
WordPress avec PageSpeed (avec tous les modules avancés actifs)

PageSpeed ​​is the winner on the YSlow Score as well as the Total Page Size. A CMS cache remains a good alternative for web hosts that do not offer server caching tools.

If you use WordPress and PageSpeed ​​does not suit you, we recommend using WP-Rocket.

Updated on 18 August 2021

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