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Good Practices to Secure a WordPress CMS


WordPress is a very popular CMS. Therefore, there are several ways to exploit its security flaws. We propose some manipulations to help you thwart the hackers. It should be noted that no CMS is 100% non-hackable and this is even more true for a program as popular as WordPress. That said, you lose nothing by putting all the chances on your side.

Practices to Secure a WordPress CMS

First, please take a look at our general page on Tips for Securing your Web Hosting. It contains several tips applicable to most web hosting, including those using WordPress.

In addition, we also explain how to set up dual authentication on your wordpress. Dual authentication is one of the recommended elements to secure your wordpress.


XML-RPC stands for “XML remote procedure call”. It is actually a component that allows other applications to connect to the wordpress and perform operations.

Updated on 8 March 2022

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