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The temporary URL tool was developed in order to facilitate your life and increase your productivity. As indicated by its name, this option will allow the creation of a temporary URL for testing purposes before making the final DNS  change: either the Nameservers or the A record update or even while waiting for a domain DNS propagation. The generated URL will always have the following form: “” where “domain” is variable and will reflect the name of the World account in question. This method is easy to use and will let you preview the site in staging with your colleagues or from a tablet or phone where the host file cannot be modified.

How to use the temporary URL?

You can activate this option in a few clicks directly in your client area, this is done within your The World Portfolio.  Just follow these steps:

1- Connect to your client area at and navigate to  My Services >>> The World >>>  My Portfolio

2- Click on the domain name from the list

3-You are now on your account’s information page, at the bottom of the section named “World account information”  lies the Temporary URL function, simply click Generate to activate:

4- Congratulations! You’ve successfully activated the temporary URL!  No other action is required. You may now test your website immediately at the temporary URL:


The temporary URL function is provided for testing purposes only and was designed to let you preview the landing page of a domain exclusively. For example, WordPress or other CMS or PHP scripts administration pages will remain unreachable through the temporary URL and they will redirect you to the real URL which was set in. To avoid this we recommend you proceed with the modification of your hosts’ file instead

Updated on 16 August 2021

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