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This article explains how to use invoices balance sheet interface.

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Interface Functions

By clicking on Billing -> Balance Sheet, the following interface is displayed on the right of the screen:

The following table describes the purpose of each portion of this interface:

AFilteringFor the Balance Sheet, a search by date range is possible.
BInformations display areaDisplay area for information specific to the History.
CAdd Funds / Credit TransferButton giving access to the interface of the same name. Please refer to the following articles:
Add Funds for Automatic Invoices Payment.
Transfer your Credits Between Two PlanetHoster Accounts.

Balance Sheet

  1. Select the date range for displaying invoices in the From and To fields:
  1. Click on the Search button.
  2. The Balance Sheet is then displayed :
INVOICEInvoice number.
INVOICE DATEDate on which the invoice was issued.
DUE DATEDate by which the invoice must be paid.
TOTALTotal invoice amount.
STATUSTo indicate if the invoice has been paid, is unpaid, etc.
MANAGETo access the invoice management interface, click on the See invoice icon, which appears under MANAGE — both in the History and in the Balance Sheet — as explained in the article Invoice Management.

Download the Balance Sheet

To download the balance sheet in .csv format, simply click on the Download Balance Sheet button at the bottom of the interface:

Updated on 13 August 2023

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