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How to Register Custom Nameservers on HybridCloud


Note: This article is only valid if the domain you will use to create the DNS does not have one of the following extensions: .re and .be. Moreover, it is valid if this domain is located at PlanetHoster; if it is at another registrar, you must create custom DNS with the registrar in question and ask for their help.

It is recommended to use the nameservers provided by PlanetHoster (how). However, if your goal is to have a white label solution and create your own nameservers, especially in reseller plans, it is possible to have custom DNS on the dedicated HybridCloud solution.

Note: The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.


Enter the following address in your web browser: https://my.planethoster.com.


There are four steps to follow.

To clarify the procedure, we will use as an example a fictitious domain that we will call yourdomainatPH.ca. Your goal will be to have your name servers be:




Obviously, you will have to replace yourdomainatPH.ca by the real name of your domain.

Step 1: Register the DNS of the Parent of the DNS of Your Domain

Open the management interface of the domain (how).

  1. In the Nameservers portion, the current name server settings are displayed:
  1. Notice just below the green Edit button; click on it:
  1. Click on the Custom radio button:
  1. Enter the following nameservers in the fields and click the Save button:
  1. Click on the Activate GlueRecords button:
  1. You must then enter three subdomains of your domain in the Name fields and specific IP addresses in the IPv4 fields, just like the following screenshot (use the green + icon to add them):
  1. Click on the Save button.

Step 2: Create DNS Entries in the Domain Account

Once the Glue Records are created, you will need to replicate them in the account where your domain is located.

Domain in an N0C Account

Add three A records with the following IP addresses (how):

A recordsIP Address

Therefore, for the first record, as an example :

Domain With a cPanel Account

  1. Log in to the cPanel account where your domain is located.
  2. In the DOMAINS section, click on Zone Editor:

  1. If there is a drop-down list, select the desired domain and click on Manage.
  2. In the Add an A Record for “yourdomainatPH.ca” section, you must recreate the three entries:
  • nsa.yourdomainatPH.ca in the Name field and as the Adress and click on the Add an A Record button. 
  • nsb.yourdomainatPH.ca in the Name field and as the Adress and click on the Add an A Record button.
  • nsc.yourdomainatPH.ca in the Name field and as the Adress and click on the Add an A Record button.

Note : This step is useful if you have a reseller account (package). Once it is done, all the next accounts you create will come directly with the nameservers discussed in this article.
Some customers have had a cPanel reseller account for a long time; they can still benefit from it, but we no longer sell new ones.

Domain With a cPanel Account

  1. Log in to your reseller account and go to your WHM.
  2. In the search bar type the word Basic.
  3. Click on Basic cPanel & WHM Setup:
  1. Enter the name servers in the following fields:
  • NameServer 1 : nsa.yourdomainatPH.ca
  • NameServer 2 : nsb.yourdomainatPH.ca
  • NameServer 3 : nsc.yourdomainatPH.ca

  1. Click on the Save Changes button.

Step 4: Change the DNS of All Your Domains

All that is left to do is to change the nameservers of all your domains purchased from PlanetHoster to :




Please refer to steps 1 and 2, as the approach is similar.

Note: A 24-hour propagation delay is required with most DNS changes. To speed up the process, you can reboot your computers and network devices to clear the DNS caches of your devices.

Note: It is possible to validate the modification via the tool ns-lookup.io.

Updated on 7 February 2024

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