Domain Management

The Details interface in V2 gives access to multiple functionalities specific to the management of a domain. Here is an overview:

In this article, we will take a brief look at this interface. As we go along, detailed articles will be referenced.

This article applies to all domains acquired or transferred to PlanetHoster, whether hosted or not. The article does not cover the management of a web hosting at PlanetHoster.

Note: For advanced users and resellers, an API is available:

Note: The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.

Note: “V2” means “Version 2”.


Enter the following address in your web browser :

Note: Sometimes a pop-up window may be blocked. If you see a message like “Pop-up blocked”, close the pop-up blocker. See the article Authorize pop-ups.

Access to the Interface

Go to MY SERVICES > My Domains.

  1. Locate the domain to be managed:
  1. By clicking on the MANAGE icon next to the domain (or on the domain name), the interface appears :

Note: The content of the interface varies, depending on the top-level domain. For example, .fr and .co domains have their own features.

Note: Clear the cache or log in again if you have trouble opening the interface.

Account Informations

In the upper left corner of the interface, the domain name is displayed in blue. In addition, a link to the domain’s invoice is available if you need to pay attention to it. Finally, the Account Informations as such is centralized:

Account InfoDefinitions
Registration DateDate when the domain was first registered at PlanetHoster.
StatusThe status can be :
-Active: the domain is usable.
-Cancelled: the domain no longer exists.
-Pending: the domain is not yet available.
-Suspended: the domain is temporarily unavailable.
Expiration DateDate on which the domain will automatically expire if it is not renewed by then.
Days Until ExpirationNumber of days between today’s date and the expiration date.
Next Invoice DueDeadline by which the invoice must be paid.
Payment MethodPayment method on the invoice associated with the domain.
First Payment AmountAmount of the first payment made for this domain.
Recurring AmountAmount paid for automatic renewal.
Account Informations

Domain Options

Account Permission

It is possible to allow any user of another account with PlanetHoster to use the domain name on their own The World hosting plan.

To do so, you just need to enter the email of this user associated with your PlanetHoster account and click on the Allow button. A message will then confirm the success of the operation.

WHOIS Protection

Note: WHOIS protection is not available for .ca and .fr accounts.

Private WHOIS allows you to hide the information usually available through WHOIS servers.

We invite you to consult the article Private WHOIS On a Domain Name.

Locking and Unlocking, and Transferring a Domain Name from PlanetHoster to Another Registrar

With PlanetHoster you can lock your domain, so that no one can try to transfer your domain without your knowledge.

On the other hand, if you decide to transfer a domain from PlanetHoster to another registrar, any lock must be disabled beforehand, otherwise you would not be able to recover your AuthInfo.

This portion of the screen allows you to easily activate or deactivate the lock. Thus, if it is activated, you will see this:

If the lock is disabled, the Retrieve AuthInfo by Email button is available:

The Modifiy AuthInfo is useful if needed, too.

Note : The Afnic lock is a paying option. If the domain is part of it (for example, .fr domains), the Lock section is not displayed. Instead, only the Retrieve Authinfo by Email button is displayed.

The article Obtaining an AuthInfo Code for a Domain Name provides all the details required for this portion of the interface.


DNSSec is a security technology that encrypts the information returned by your DNS server(s). You must configure it on your web server and activate it on your domain.

If your domain is not hosted at PlanetHoster, you can click directly on the Activate DNSSEC button.

On the other hand, if your domain is hosted at PlanetHoster, you should use the hosting panel.

Please refer to the Enabling and Disabling DNSSEC article.

Automatic and Scheduled Renewal

When the Automatic Renewal option is enabled, PlanetHoster will automatically generate a new invoice for you 20 days before the domain expires.

Please refer to the Domain Name Cancellation and Auto-Renewal article.

Desactivation of the Domain

It is also possible in this interface to delete your domain name registration.

Note: Registration deletion is not available for top level domains.

Please refer to the article Deleting a Domain Name Registration.

Transfer a Domain

Note : This feature is only available for top level domains.

You can decide to transfer your domain to another registrar. You just have to enter the tag of the new registrar and click on the Send button:

WHOIS Informations

It is absolutely necessary that contact points are defined for exchanges related to your domains.

Please see the article Changing the WHOIS of a Domain Name.

Nameservers, DNS Management and Domain Redirection


It is possible to choose which nameservers you want your domains to point to.

Please see the article Modification of the Nameservers of a Domain Name.

DNS Management

You can create and modify zone records to control the operation of the DNS.

Note: If you need to change your DNS zone, we strongly advise you not to delete the existing entries.

  1. In the Domains interface, click on the MANAGE icon (gear) next to your domain:
  1. The domain detail interface appears, where you will notice the DNS Management and Domain Forwarding portion on the right side of the interface.
  2. The displayed interface depends on several conditions summarized here:
HostDomain Hosted at PlanetHosterUsernameAction
N0CNoNoneOpen DNS Manager button available.
N0CYesNoneLogin button (World Unlimited).
N0CNoPresentLogin button (DNS Only).
PHNoAllMessage : “You need to change the name servers to those of The World (N0C).”
PHYesAllMessage : “Please use your hosting panel to change these values.”
HybridCloudIn all casesAllMessage : “Please use your hosting panel to change these values.”
Not at PHN/AAllMessage : “Please use your hosting panel to change these values.”

Thus, the interface features can be said to fall into two broad categories:

  • Domains hosted at PlanetHoster.
  • Domains hosted elsewhere.

Let’s look at this in more detail.

Domain Hosted at PlanetHoster

In this particular case, DNS management must be done from N0C or cPanel, not the V2 Domain Management interface.

You will see the message Please use your hosting panel to change these values as shown below:

Domain Hosted Elsewhere

If the domain is not hosted at PlanetHoster, you have to use the Domain Management interface of V2.

  1. Click on the Open DNS Manager button :
  1. Go to Domains -> Domain Management and click on the DNS button:
  1. The DNS Management interface allows you to modify your DNS zone if necessary:

Domain Redirection

Customers who do not have a hosting account with PlanetHoster have the ability, from their member area, to do redirects. In other words, they can redirect their registered domain to any domain.

Please see the article Redirect Your Domain to Another (Webpage, Facebook, Twitter, Likedin, etc.).

Glue Records

The Activate GlueRecords button allows you to create your name servers :

Please refer to the article Registering Custom Name Servers on HybridCloud.


It is possible to allow one or more sub-contacts to see the details of a domain and even manage its settings:

  1. Go to CLIENT AREA – > My contacts – > Add New Contact and fill in the fields to identify him.
  1. Check the box under Activate Sub-Account, choose the appropriate Sub-account Permissions (View Domains and/or Manage Domain Settings) and click on the Submit button.
Updated on 17 November 2022

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