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Overview and management of shared resources

The interface allows you to see an overview of the overall resources of your shared hosting accounts. You can also manage the resources allocated to each account and request additional resources as needed.

Note : The term “V2” means “Version 2”.

Note : The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms


Enter the following address in your web browserhttps://my.planethoster.com.

Note : Sometimes a pop-up window is blocked. If a message like “Pop-up blocked” is displayed, close the pop-up blocker. Refer to the article Authorize pop-ups.

The World (Shared) Interface

Go to MY SERVICES > Hosting Management > The World (Shared):

Resource Pool

The resource pool reflects the distribution of resources allocated to all your accounts:

  • CPU is the ratio between the number of microprocessor cores requested at a given time by all accounts and the maximum number of cores of the hosting.
  • Memory is the ratio of RAM memory in GB currently used by accounts to the maximum amount of memory in The World .
  • Disk I/O is the ratio of the number of I/O operations in MB/s (when running a combination of read and write tests at a given time) for all accounts to the maximum number of I/O operations.

Note : Account creation requires a minimum of 1 CPU / 1GB RAM / 1 MB IO/s.

Please read the article Performance Statistics in N0C for additional details about resources pool.

Resources Allocation

The resources of each account are displayed next to them:

By entering the keywords associated with domain names in the Search field, the accounts are immediately displayed under Resources allocation:

Changing the Resources of an Account

When the message “You do not have enough resources to create a new World hosting account” is displayed, you can avoid the need to obtain additional resources with the associated costs by changing the resources allocated to one or more accounts.

  1. Click on the Edit icon next to the account whose resources you wish to modify:
  1. Modify the resources of the account using the sliders (the allocated resources are displayed in blue, next to the maximum allowed for each).
  2. Click on the Save button.
  3. A message confirming the success of the operation is displayed on the screen.

Obtaining Additional Resources

Sometimes, the entire global resource pool has been allocated to one or more accounts in your Portfolio, in which case a message is displayed. The interface allows you to obtain additional resources. To do so:

  1. Click on the Order more resources button:
  1. By doing so, you will access the Adjust the global resource pool window where the sliders allow you to increase the resources according to your needs:
  1. Click on the Submit button.
  2. Follow the steps to pay the bill.
Updated on 3 May 2022

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