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The IP Extension tool allows you to assign a different IP that will serve as a proxy (like CloudFlare) to your website. (Your site will therefore be seen as hosted on a different infrastructure)

Over time, we will add more and more IPs located in the entire world, on different ranges IP / ranges.
This type of service can be beneficial for web experts wishing to optimize their SEO / blog network.
In one click, this allows you to host multiple domains on different IPs. This procedure will show you how to use PlanetHoster IPExtension

Warning: The IPs used may be external to PlanetHoster, so we can not assure you high availability due to different factors outside our control.
We therefore recommend that you force the traffic in HTTPS so that no unencrypted confidential information is transmitted in clear on an external network.

The change of IP address is only done for the “A entries” of your sites. Other communication protocols will use the shared address of the infrastructure to do so.

Where can I find the IPextension tool?

This tool is in your cPanel admin panel. In the Advanced section you will find the IP Extension icon

How does the IP Extension interface work?

Its use is very simple simply select the desired IP address from the drop-down menu for one of your sites and click on the blue icon to apply the new IP address:

Updated on 7 June 2023

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