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Create your website with PlanetHoster’s own SiteBuilder

The following guide was created in order to help you produce and publish your web site using our very own SiteBuilder which we provide through our World Panel.

Starting from scratch

  1. Log into your World Panel >>> SiteBuilder:

  2. A new browser tab has opened up and you are now greeted by the SiteBuilder’s welcome screen:

    You can click on the Get Started button to view the Sitebuilder Walkthrough or click on the close button to ignore it.
  3. You may now click on the Themes button in the left plane view or choose a theme from the quick preview section of the welcome page. Once you’ve made a choice the system will take you to the themes manager which will let you choose or change the theme for your website.  There you will also find a convenient lookup tool in order to sort themes by keyword. In addition to choosing or changing a theme you will be able to display more information about a chosen theme  by clicking the theme details button. Once you will have find the correct theme for your site simply click the green  button “Activate” in order to  activate it for your site.

  4.  Once your theme is active you will automatically be taken to our website builder where you can start creating your site!

Add pages / edit pages

You may start creating your website right away!  Our site builder is as simple and intuitive as that!

  1.  From the left plane view you will find the “Pages” button, either click on “All pages” or “Add pages”. If you chose “All pages” then you will be taken to the pages menu where you can see a list of currently active pages for your site. There you may decide to take actions such as: delete a page, preview a page , modify a page, etc.

    **WARNING** Do not delete pages named “Header” or “Footer”
  2. If you chose “Add pages” then you will be taken onto the pages editor. Any new page will be named “New Page” and their default title will be “New Page” and its URL will be automatically named “Page”;  you will be able to modify these 3  values in the pages editor as indicated in the following screen capture:

  3. As a side note, the page editor will allow you drag  and drop objects from the left plane view’s “object bar”.  There you will find many actions such as “insert paragraph” or “video” and much more.

  4.  Once an item was successfully dropped at the desired location, the action bar will appear revealing you all of the objects options and functionalities. Some objects will include many options such as the “Slider” image object:

  5.  While you will be working on any given object, you will be also be able to delete or copy that object easily from the menu bar at top:
Updated on 18 August 2021

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