Good Backup Practices

Here is a basic rule of computer science that can save you a lot of trouble with your websites.

The 3-2-1 rule is quite simple: three copies, on at least two types of data backup, including one remote copy.

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Make 3 Copies of Your Content

Be sure to make three copies of your content:

  • on your personal computer;
  • on a USB key; and
  • on an external hard drive.

So if one of your backups is inaccessible, you always have other backup solutions.

Make 2 Types of Data Backups

Be sure to make two types of data backup:

  • a compressed backup of your site and database .sql file (.tar.gz; .zip; .rar; etc.);
  • an uncompressed backup of your site.

This way, if one of your backups is corrupted, you always have other backup solutions.

Make 1 Remote Backup

Be sure to make a backup on a computer other than the one you are working on. Cloud backups can come in very handy (Google Drive, ICloud, Amazon Drive, etc.).

By working this way, you put all the chances on your side in the event of computer failure.

This type of backup is also very practical for versioning your website. If you make a mistake when updating a module or theme, you can easily access your backups in just a few clicks.

Updated on 12 July 2023

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