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How to set Joomla in HTTPS ?


The HTTPS protocol allows visitors to a website to communicate securely with the PlanetHoster server.
Thanks to our partnership with Let’s Encrypt certification authority, all PlanetHoster hosting have SSL certificates for free. The use of this certificate is optional, but recommended, and requires a configuration at your website to use it. We will tell you in detail how to configure your Joomla! so that it uses the HTTPS protocol.

Enabling SSL in the backoffice of Joomla

In order to update the URL in the backoffice, the following steps must be followed:

1- Log in to his backoffice via yourdomainname.ext / administrator. We will use securisation.planethoster.org/administrator in our demo:

2- In the menu of your dashboard, click on “Configuration” then on the “Server” tab:

3- Once in the “Server” section, simply configure the option named “Force HTTPS” on “Administration and Site” in the drop-down menu and save: Congratulations! You have activated the HTTPS protocol your Joomla!:

Congratulations! You have activated the HTTPS protocol your Joomla!

Additional Notes

Following these manipulations, if the redirection from HTTP to HTTPS is not done, we recommend that you follow the following procedure to perform the redirection in your .htaccess: https://docs.planethoster.com/guide/technical-solutions/ ssl-redirect-how-http-to-https-from-the-.htaccess

Your site will now be in HTTPS, but one or more errors may persist and prevent a fully secure connection. This means that one or more resources on your website are not loaded using the HTTPS protocol. It may be content loaded from outside or simply that during the development of the site the registered URLs were not in HTTPS. Here is an advanced procedure that you will find on our forum that will help you to capture HTTP and replace it with HTTPS:


Updated on 18 August 2021

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