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FTP connection with FileZilla


This guide was created in order to help you connect to your hosting account using the FTP protocol and FileZilla software which is available for free. You can download it from its official page here. Using FTP is a good alternative to cPanel’s File manager to let you upload or download files from your hosting account. This guide covers the connection process using your cPanel username as well as its password but may as well serve for accounts which you would have created in your cPanel >> Files >> FTP accounts.

Retrieve FTP accesses

Before we connect we need our login username and password to authenticate properly on the FTP server but we will also need to know the server address. All these credentials will be found in your client area you can use the following article for that: Where can I find my cPanel accesses?

Configure FTP connection in FileZilla

It is better to save the connection in your  FTP client in order to connect quickly next time you will need FTP on your hosting. Here is a quick how to:

1- In FileZilla click Files >>> Site Manager

2- In the Site manager simply fill the form found in the General Tab, like so:

  • In the Host field, you can either type  “ftp.yourdomain.extension”, your server’s IP address  or its hostname
  • In the Encryption menu, choose:  Use explicit FTP over TLS if available
  • In the Logon type field, choose:  Normal
  • In the User/Password field, type in your cPanel username and password  or the FTP accesses you will have created in your cPanel >> Files >>FTP accounts

On the left plane view of FileZilla’s site manager you will find options which allow you to manage your various saved sites list: Delete, duplicate, rename, etc.

QuickConnect onto your FTP account

When using FileZilla software it will be possible to use a QuickConnect bar under the menus bar in order to login fast:

Once you’ve typed in your credentials simply hit the Quickconnect  button

Diagnose connection issues

If you encounter issues establishing FTP connection onto your cPanel hosting even after following this procedure it is possible to check this in order to configure Filezilla correctly:

1- Delete FileZilla’s profile if you use one in the Site manager

2- Force passive FTP connection: 

-Click on the “Edit”>> “Settings” >> “FTP” from the left plane view

-Choose “Passive” in the transfer mode section

-Check the option named “Allow fall back to other transfer modes on failure”


-Configure maximum simultaneous transfers in the Edit >> Settings >> Transfers.  Set it to 1 max!

-Configure the Encryption to Simple in you Site manage

-To avoid connection timeouts after every  20 seconds make sure your Filezilla is set like so: Edit >> Settings >> Connection >> Timeout >> Change to 60 seconds then save.  Click OK in that box and restart FileZilla.

Updated on 18 August 2021

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