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Convert a “standard” World account to a World LS account

Because WorldLS accounts are hosted on dedicated infrastructures, the migration of your files is mandatory. Our team is now ready to help you with this.

On your side simply follow these easy steps:

1. Make sure the World account to move onto a WorldLS has at least 8 CPUs / 16 Gb RAM / 16 Mb/s IO

2. Make sure you are in VIP mode:

3. Send an email at worldls@planethoster.info (from your PlanetHoster accounts contact email).  You’ve automatically opened the request ticket.

4. One of our team’s technician will then confirm and planify this operation for you.

5. Once everything has been done you will be on a LiteSpeed powered infrastructure (sourire) Don’t forget to activate the correct Cache plugin for your specific application:   https://litespeedtech.com/products/cache-plugins

That’s all there is to it! Your sites shall now load as fast as a lightning strike!

Updated on 20 July 2022

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