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United Kingdom (.uk) Domain Specifications


In this article, we will explain the policies regarding the United Kingdom country-code TLD .uk.

The reader is encouraged to understand all the concepts and terms outlined in the Basics before proceeding further with this article. In fact, this article is written on the premise that the reader is familiar with the terminology used.


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If necessary, refer to the article about Country-Code Domain Specifications.


You should know that .co.uk is the original British domain name. It is an excellent choice for businesses in the UK. In addition: 

  • .uk is a shorter version of .co.uk for businesses and individuals.
  • .org.uk is ideal for charities, fundraising and social causes.
  • .me.uk is ideal for personal blogs, portfolios, hobbies and talents to share.

Specifications of the Name Fields in the United Kingdom “.uk” ccTLD

Registrant Type

The Registrant Type field helps categorize the type of organization. It must contain the following information:

INDUK Individual (representing self)
LTDUK Limited Company
PLCUK Public Limited Company
PTNRUK Partnership
LLPUK Limited Liability Partnership
STRAUK Sole Trader
RCHARUK Registered Charity
IPUK Industrial/Provident Registered Company
SCHUK School
FOTHEROther Foreign
GOVUK Government Body
CRCUK Corporation by Royal Charter
STATUK Statutory Body
OTHERUK Entity (other) — UK Entity that does not fit into any of the above (e.g. clubs, associations, many universities)
FINDNon-UK Individual (representing self)
FOTHERNon-UK Organization (other)
FCORPNon-UK Corporation

Company Number

You must enter the Company ID Number in the “co-no” field. 

Domain Name (Registrant Name)

The Registrant Name field is used to indicate the company or individual in whose name the domain name is registered. It must contain at least 4 or more characters, of which 3 or more must be letters.

Additional information

For additional information, please refer to:

Updated on 7 February 2024

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