Procedure to Obtain a .aero Domain


The purpose of this article is to explain the procedure for obtaining a .aero domain with PlanetHoster, an approved .aero registrar.

Note : The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.

A few words about .aero domains and SITA

Only members of the civil aviation community may register a .aero domain.

Note : An unique validity process filters out potential domain registrants, ensuring the integrity and exclusivity of the .aero domains.

The .aero TLD is the world’s first industry top-level Internet domain. This TLD is driving a revolution in the way people access and use air travel information. The .aero TLD was developed in response to the growing needs of the civil aviation community, and is designed to create a structured, open, and evolving Internet terminology architecture to help this community integrate systems and services and streamline communications within the community and with its partners.

The organization that validates the .aero domain names is called the Société Internationale de Télécommunications Aéronautiques (SITA). It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. You can write to this organization via the following e-mail address

Note : The reader wishing to deepen his knowledge on the .aero TLD is invited to consult the website:


Enter the following address in your web browser:

Step 1 : Check your Eligibility

Check your eligibility to register an .aero domain name and the format in which you can create it.

  1. Enter in your web browser and read the information provided to confirm which Registrant group your organization belongs to:
  1. Take note of the domain name and sub-domain format suggested, as well as suggestions for this.
  2. Choose a domain name with the .aero extension for your organization.

Step 2 : Verify if your Chosen Domain Name is Available

You need to check the WHOIS database to make sure that the domain name you have chosen does not already exist:

  1. After logging in to, click on the go! button:
  1. Read the terms of use and confirm that you accept them by checking the Accept Terms and Conditions box:
  1. Enter the domain you want to get in the Lookup address field (without the .aero extension):
  2. Click on the go! button.
  3. Confirm that the words NOT FOUND are displayed (it confirms the domain is available):

Step 3 : Obtain your “.aero ID” and Password

You are now able to fill out a form that will allow the SITA to verify if you are an eligible member of the aviation community. If so, you will get an “.aero ID” and a password.

  1. Click on the green APPLY NOW button to open the form (also available at
  1. Fill in all the information requested.
  2. Click the Save button at the bottom of the form when you are finished.
  3. Note your .aero ID:

Step 4 : Register the Domain at PlanetHoster

Register the chosen domain name through your registrar, PlanetHoster.

To do this, login to client area by clicking on the following address: Then:

  1. Register your .aero domain name (how).
  2. Go to the Domains Configuration page by clicking on the red circle when it appears in the upper right corner:
  1. Click on setup now for the .aero domain:
  1. Provide all the information requested in the Account settings window:
  1. Click on the link Fetch my password to get your password:
  1. At the bottom of the window, enter the .aero ID in the Aero Id field and the password in the Aero password field:
  1. Click on the Configure now button.
Updated on 7 February 2024

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