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Rules-Restrictions Related to Domains Registered at AFNIC (.fr, .re, .tf, .wf, .pm & .yt)

Here are, in detail, the restrictions / rules imposed by the AFNIC for the registration of domain names having the following TLDs .fr, .re, .tf, .wf, .pm, .yt;

Since 1 July 2011, AFNIC has opened the registration of terms subject to prior review.

Are concerned prohibited and reserved terms (and especially the names of municipalities), domain names under naming convention (agglo-, cc-, cr-, cg-, mairie-, ville-) as well as the name registrations of domain under the domains .gouv.fr.

If you have domains that are waiting, we advise you to open a ticket to find where the blockage comes from,

We invite you to read carefully the naming chart of the AFNIC (the .FR Register) and the Practical Guide.

In addition AFNIC checks for French people if the Postal Code and the City correspond well for people with French citizenship,

For example;

Postal code of your place of birth: 75002 and City of your place of birth: Paris (will work well)

Postal code of your place of birth: 75002 and City of your place of birth: Toulouse (will not pass)

In addition, the domains registered with AFNIC can only be made by people residing in Europe and over 18 years old.

We therefore advise you to be careful when registering your domain to put the right information.

Hide the information in the WHOIS.

Currently by default the AFNIC hides the information present in WHOIS for individuals,

If you have registered a SIRET or DUNS number you will be registered as a legal entity and your information will be displayed.

Contact information such as address, city, zip code, phone, fax and email address can be changed via your PlanetHoster client area.

Inbound transfer for domains managed at AFNIC.

The transfer of domain names managed by AFNIC is a little different from other naming institutions;

– The AFNIC does not lock the domain names, it is enough to have the code AUTH / INFO to be able to transfer it.

– Once the incoming transfer request it takes 8 days if the old registrar does not validate the transaction.

– If the old office rejects the outgoing request, it will take 14 days in addition to the previous 8 days (see https://www.afnic.fr/en/your-domain-name/manage-your-domain-name/changing-registrars-3.html)

Request for AUTH / INFO code or often wrongly called EPP code:

Currently the AuthInfo code for domains is not displayed in your member area for obvious security reasons (no locking),

If you want to have the EPP code of your domain, know that you can make the request via the support and advised you will transmit it without any problem.

Can I register a domain managed by AFNIC for more than one year?

Currently the registration of domains by the AFNIC can only be registered for a period of one year and is renewable by annual period indefinitely.

How to recover an unpaid / canceled domain?

The domains not set at time or the automatic renewal has been deactivated have passed within 5 days in a redemption status, these are no longer usable at this time.

You have the option to recover the domain via the registrar within 30 days of the anniversary date of the domain, once this time exceeded the domain will be purchasable to anyone who wishes.

Updated on 7 February 2024

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