What is a WorldLS ?

This is a hosting account under Litespeed Enterprise (LSWS) with the LSCache premium cache tool.

Litespeed Enterprise (LSWS) is a high-performance web server. It offers superior performance than the Apache web server (standard server in the web hosting industry). Indeed, a website or a web application hosted on a LiteSpeed ​​web server is almost 9x faster than if hosted on a third-party web server.

LSCache is one of the most powerful tools for cache on the market. This one has the advantage, unlike other available solutions, to be integrated directly into the web server. Thus, it is able to offer you better performance than other solutions since it can optimize from A to Z the processing of your website. Also, to manage LSCache, a free plugin is available for the majority of CMS! It’s easy to use and very powerful.

Plugins offered for: WordPress, Joomla!, Prestashop, OpenCart, Drupal, XenForo, Magento, MediaWiki.

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The required configuration is the following:

Once the hosting account created, go to the cPanel and install your favorite CMS (WordPress, Joomla !, Prestashop …). Subsequently, install the LSCache plugin specific to the installed CMS (do not forget to activate it).


How to validate that LSCache works ?

1- Make sure the LSCache plugin for your favorite CMS is enabled.

2- In developer mode of your browser, you will see “litespeed-cache: hit” in the header.

Is the 8 CPU / 16 GB RAM / 16 MB/s IO selection for the whole product or per account?

It’s by web hosting account. The reason for this is that this solution is for those looking for maximum performance.

For example, if you ordered The World with VIP mode web hosting with the default resources, you could create 1 WorldLS hosting account (unlimited and can host as many sites as you want).

Of course, you can scale your The World up to 192 CPU / 512 GB RAM / 512 MB/s IO!

Are Litespeed + LSCache available on HybridCloud? What will be the technical advantage of WorldLS on a HybridCloud + LiteSpeed? And the financial advantage?

Yes of course Litespeed + LSCache are available on HybridCloud. You can simply order it from your member area.

HybridCloud gives you the flexibility to create the environment that is 100% specific to your needs.

You must know that:

World is a shared hosting without quality of service (QoS) guaranteed.

– HybridCloud is a dedicated hosting with quality of service (QoS) guaranteed.

Nothing will be better than HybridCloud + LiteSpeed ​​+ LSCache with a configuration unique to your needs by our technicians.

On a WorldLS account, it is not possible to customize the environment as you wish.

We often recommend having both types of accommodations. The World offers you an environment where you can host the majority of projects. And use HybridCloud for important sites that need a guaranteed quality of service (QoS).

I can not install LSCache because I already have another cache plugin on my WordPress

The LSCache CMS plugin will not install if another cache plugin is detected.

For example, if WP-Rocket is already installed on a hosted WordPress, it must be removed before installing the LSCache plugin.

Sometimes this is not enough because when you disable / delete WP-Rocket, it leaves the file /public_html/wp-content/advanced-cache.php and LiteSpeed ​​Plugin via cPanel is not able to proceed.

Manually remove the file /public_html/wp-content/advanced-cache.php if it understands the term “define (‘WP_ROCKET_ADVANCED_CACHE’, true);”

Is it possible to switch an existing World account into a WorldLS account?

Our team is working on a transparent “migration” tool that will be available on your client area. For the moment, to place a World account in WorldLS, click here.

Is it compatible with PageSpeed?

Theoretically yes, however in practice this can affect the performance of activating both.

The gain is very low / nonexistent, not to say less good in some cases to activate PageSpeed ​​in addition to LiteSpeed ​​Cache.

Is it compatible with WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast SEO?

Yes and it works very well! In addition, developers actively maintain development:

Updated on 16 August 2021

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