Access a database remotly from the outside

Accessing your MySQL database from a remote server can be useful in case you want to connect directly to your databases.

However, it should be noted that this is only possible from Hybridcloud and dedicated services.

If your service allows it, you will be able to access the MySQL database remotely by following the steps below:

1 – Configuration in the cPanel     

In the home, choose « Remote MySQL » and fill in the « Remote host » field: « Enter an IP address »

Once done, click on the « Home » button at the top left of the page, and choose this time « MySQL Database »     

Create a new user with a password at the bottom of the page and give him restricted rights (eg SELECT, UPDATE).

2 – Configuring the client application

Create the connection string by filling in the following configurations:     

Database: MySQL: // or server name (hostname)     

User: MyNewUser     

Password: MyNewPassword

Updated on 17 août 2021

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