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Cancel a Web Hosting

A cancellation request must be made 30 days before the due date to avoid generating an invoice. If the pre-notice is not respected, the system of PlanetHoster can only repay in the form of credit.

For new orders, if you have used your service for more than 14 days, refunds are only available in the form of a credit/prorated credit.

Data restoration following a cancellation request is chargeable at 60 euros/hour | $109.99/hour. Some conditions apply.

The procedure for canceling a PlanetHoster web hosting is as follows:

  1. Please log in to your client area on my.planethoster.com
  2. Go to the MY SERVICES -> Hostings.
  3. Select the accommodation you wish to cancel:
  1. Click on the button Cancel Package:
  1. Provide the required information and choose the type of cancellation:
  1. Click on the Cancel the Account button.
Updated on 17 November 2022

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