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This hosting solution is the most powerful at PlanetHoster.  It allows a fully customizable resource set and functionalities such as LiteSpeed Cache (LSCache), CloudLinux OS and much more.

AutoPeak Power (APP)(tick)
Premium Evolutive hosting(tick)
100% managed by our qualified team 24/7(tick)
cPanel, PHP, MySQL, Apache or LiteSpeed and more(tick)
Up to 32 CPU cores, 256 GB RAM,  16 TB storage (SSD based)(tick)

Premium Evolutive hosting

The resources you will have ordered are fully manageable right within your client area.  You will be able to increase or reduce assigned CPU cores or  RAM size.

It is important to note that Storage space may be increased but not reduced because of Operating system limitations.

100% managed server by our qualified team 24/7

firewallFireWall configuration: Les serveurs dédiés HybridCloud possèdent un pare-feu dédié personnalisables selon les besoins du client.

antivirusAnti(virus/malware/rootkit): An anti-malware / virus / rootkit is provided for free with Dedicated HybridCloud servers.

Protection WAF WAF Protection: Exclusive to PlanetHoster security mechanism to protect you CMS against external attacks.

Anti-Brute force / Anti-DDOS: An extra DDOS protection layer is included with your dedicated HybridCloud server, If you frequently receive DDOS type attack we also recommend CloudFlare’s services combined to Sucuri.

Daily verifications: Our team verifies your server every day to make sure all your operations are going on smoothly.

Security updates: Our team takes care of your website’s security updates free of charge.

Patch Vulnerabilities: In case a critical vulnerability was discovered, our team will develop a homebrewed security patch.

Constant Monitoring: our HybridCloud dedicated server is monitored 24/7 by our qualified team.

WHM/cPanel, PHP, Mysql, Apache and more

The server comes with the WHM / cPanel control panel and the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, Apache, etc.
Our team optimizes the configurations to have the best possible response times. Depending on your needs, it is possible to contact the technical team to obtain the particular version.

The majority of installations are covered by PlanetHoster managed hosting .. If advanced manipulations are required outside outsourcing. Our team will inform you of applicable hourly fees.

Up to 32CPU, 256GB RAM, 16TB SSD

The maximum capacity our current server can offer you is

  • 32 CPU
  • 256 GB of RAM
  • 16 TB de HDD (SSD)

If you need more than those resources, we recommend you to buy multiple servers.

Our team will always be there if you have any question regardless of this configuration.

Updated on 17 August 2021

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