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The World: Introduction

Each of your websites/web apps can now benefit from an isolated hosting account on independent infrastructures.

The World gives you full control over your projects. Create, modify, suspend or delete an account in a couple clicks directly within your portfolio.

Choose the location: PlanetHoster owns its own network and you get to choose where you place every account you create, either France and Swiss (Europe) or Canada (America).

The World is a unique hosting solution tailored for your needs and is exclusive to PlanetHoster! You can expect a smooth user experience you with cPanel and our own World graphical user interfaces.

Continue reading to find out about the mechanics, pricing and detailed explanation of our brand new concept.

Pricing and configuration

Only 6€ per month incl. Taxes for 8 CPU, 16 Gb RAM and 16 Mb/s I/O and the following features :

The World Features (included with the basic The World plan)
Multi-Site per account +Unlimited accounts+Site Isolation(coche)
Unlimited SSD storage space(coche)
Unlimited bandwidth usage(coche)
Intelligent CMS platform(coche)
PHP version selection, Python, Node.Js, Ruby(coche)
Unlimited databases(coche)
Unlimited Email accounts(coche)
Unlimited SSL certificates for your domains(coche)
PlanetHoster SiteBuilder(coche)
IP extension more than 1000 additional IP addresses(coche)
Backup twice a day on a separate failsafe datacenter(coche)
1 free domain name(coche)
Anti-DDOS protection(coche)
Datacenter location Europe / America(coche)
Malware Protection(coche)
14 days satisfaction guarantee(coche)
World Panel and cPanel User interfaces(coche)
Incoming site migration for free(coche)
Tech Support 24/7 across various means of communication: LiveChat, Tickets or Phone)(coche)
Instant Activation(coche)

For all details check out: https://www.planethoster.com/en/World-Hosting

Resources Management and fully independent hosting accounts

With the default World Pool, you can create up to 8 separate cPanel accounts with 1 CPU / 2 Gb RAM / 2 Mb I/O

Furthermore, you can expand the native physical resources pool up to 1024 CPU / 2048 Gb RAM / 2048 Mb I/O

Each hosting account created can feature the following physical resources: 8 CPU / 24 Gb RAM / 24 Mb I/

This is the core concept of our solution: We provide you a global resource pool from which you can create independent accounts all managed within a convenient portfolio and you choose how to distribute the resources at any time in a couple of clicks.

The global resources pool dictates the Max number of accounts you can have.

In order to achieve the best performance and security, each hosting account is independent and isolated on separate and certified infrastructures (America or Europe you choose!)

Additionally, each hosting account can host an unlimited amount of addon domains so you can create as many sites as you want! Even though the latter is possible we still recommend 1 hosting account per domain name for the best results.

Each cPanel account created must at least have the following resource set

Resource TypeValue
CPU1 Core
RAM1 Gigabyte
Disk I/O1 Megabyte per second

Each cPanel account created can have a maximum amount of resources set from the global resources pool :

Resource TypeValue
CPU8 cores
RAM24 Gigabytes
Disk I/O24 Megabytes per second

The global resources pool for a World Plan is the following

Resource TypeMinimumMaximum
CPU8 cores1024 cores
RAM16 Gigabytes2048 Gigabytes
Disk I/O16 Megabytes per second2048 Megabytes per second

As an example based on the default resources pool included with the basic plan at 6 € / month incl. Taxes ( 8 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 16 MB/s IO) you could create a single hosting account and allow it the maximum resources or to split the resources from the global resources pool over many different accounts.

To sum it up if you decided to create the maximum possible of hosting accounts on the basic World Offer you could create up to 8 fully independent accounts across 2 continents on different infrastructures and of course each account can host as many sites as you want! You could manage all your accounts very easily directly within your World Portfolio in your client area at https://my.planethoster.com

Updated on 25 November 2021

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