HYBRIDCLOUD: Startup Guide


The HybridCloud plan is a service dedicated to the web professional who needs high performance and greater flexibility than shared hosting while being supported by the PlanetHoster support team, free of charge and at all times.

This solution offers you several advantages, such as complete isolation of your resources on a dedicated HybridCloud and the ability to increase resources available at all times.

So here we will provide you with some operations to do on your HybridCloud when you get it, to ensure that your customer experience is the best possible.

Step 1: Connect to WHM

To connect to the global management console of your HybridCloud ie the WHM you have to connect using the link which will take the form of:


You should see this:

The user name to use is «root» and the password should have been sending on server delivery

Step 2: Create an account

If you want to create a hosting plan yourself on your HybridCloud you will have to use the option “Create an account” or “Create a new account” which is in your WHM.

Once this form is completed, you will have an account in which to host your website. All you have to do is configure the domain name, transfer your files and prepare your databases.

Please note that your HybridCloud server is fully managed by PlanetHoster technicians. If you need to make any changes to your server, please contact support to find out if this change is necessary and if it will not cause stability or security issues.

Updated on 25 September 2023

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