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PlanetHoster being an ICANN accredited registrar and as such offering all the existing extensions for domain names, the customer area is equipped with a simple and efficient management platform. It is divided into two distinct interfaces:

  1. The Domains interface, which gives access to an overview of domains and that also allows you to manage several at once.
  2. The Domain Management interface, which provides access to multiple features specific to a given domain, such as editing nameservers, defining WHOIS information, enabling or disabling locking, etc.

In this article, we will give a high-level overview of these interfaces, with links to articles that provide detailed information.

Note: For advanced users and resellers, an API is available:

Note: The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.

Note: “V2” means “Version 2”.


Enter the following address in your web browser:

Note : Sometimes a pop-up window may be blocked. If you see a message like “Pop-up blocked”, close the pop-up blocker. See the article Authorize pop-ups.

Overview of the Domains Interface

PlanetHoster has adopted a user-friendly interface to help you get an overview of your domains. 

The interface allows you to see, for each of your domains at PlanetHoster, the date of the next invoice, its status (active, canceled, pending or suspended), ID protection (enabled or not) and locking (enabled or not). The interface also allows you to manage multiple domains at once. Finally, with a single click, it is possible to access the details of a specific domain, as we will see later.

To open the interface :

  1. Go to MY SERVICES > Domains.
  1. The domains are displayed on the right (clear the cache or log in again if you have trouble opening the interface):
  1. Note the presence of the Domains command in the left panel, which also gives access to this interface.

The Actions drop-down list allows you to process several domains at once, whether to renew them, lock them, modify the name servers or even modify the WHOIS information of the contacts:

The article Domains explains this view in detail.

Overview of the Domain Management Interface

To access the Details interface, which allows you to manage a specific domain:

  1. In the Domains interface, locate the domain you are interested in and click on the gear icon :
  1. By doing so, you open the management interface of the chosen domain, of which you have an overview of the details below:

Note that the domain name appears in the upper left corner, in blue.

The article Domain Management provides details about this view.

Note: The features available in this interface vary from one top-level domain to another. On this subject, see among others the article What are the rules-restrictions related to domains registered at AFNIC, .re, .tf, .wf, .pm, .yt.

Updated on 17 November 2022

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