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For several years now, PlanetHoster has been a registrar of domain names accredited by ICANN. This means that when you buy a domain name from PlanetHoster, you are not dealing with a third party, you are dealing with a company that has obtained its right to register domain names by the authority in this area. In addition, we have implemented interfaces on our website that will greatly facilitate the task when it comes to operations on domain names.

The registration process is very simple although potentially different depending of the domain extension.

Step 1: Chose your domain

If you are more interested in doing a domain transfer, I invite you to immediately scroll down to the last part.

It is likely that you already have a good idea in mind for your domain. Often, it is the name of your company or the description of your service offered. What about the extension? Different extensions may have different impacts on your website. A national extension, such as a .fr, does not have the same meaning as a .com. In addition, a .tech will not have the same ramifications as a .xyz. Of course, we, at PlanetHoster, can not make such a choice for you. However, we can help you with our online tools.

When you are going on our principal page, PlanetHoster, one of the first things you will see is the dialog box for entering a domain name. Once the domain entered, you will have a list of domains similar to the one chosen.

As you can see, the website of PlanetHoster offers different alternatives at different prices if you want to add the same domain with a different extension, or if you prefer to change the extension.

Step 2: Configuration of nameservers

The configuration of the nameservers is directly linked to where the domain will point. The DNS nameserver is a directory that links the domain name you are buying to the IP address of the server where it is hosted.

If you already have a PlanetHoster hosting and you want this domain to be linked to it, an option is present in the DNS configuration screen to choose which hosting link to your domain. No other configuration needed!

In order to properly configure your domain, you must enter the DNS servers to which the domain should point.
The servers of PlanetHoster are:

You can also enter your own DNS servers if the domain doint points elsewhere to an external DNS service.

Once the nameserver is configured, allow a maximum of 24 hours before the domain can be used.

Your domain name should now be functional with PlanetHoster hosting or even hosting using external DNS servers. The next section is for advanced users who want to make changes to their DNS zone.

Step 3: DNS zone changes (optional)

It may happen that you want to host your emails elsewhere, or that changes to the DNS zone of your domain are necessary, to add A record, for example. We offer the possibility to modify your DNS zone, but this option is reserved for users to experiment since you could break vital functions of your hosting by modifying the zone.
DNS zone management must be done from your client interface at You have to go to the “my services” section, then choose “my domains”. A “DNS Management” option will appear in the menu on the left. This is where you can change your DNS zone if necessary.

Domain transfer

You may want to transfer a domain from outside to PlanetHoster. The steps required to accomplish this may vary depending on the type of extension that your domain has.
However, in the majority of cases, it is a question of providing a transfer code to PlanetHoster so that we can proceed. You can ask the registrar of the domain name to obtain the transfer code.
Once the code obtained, go to the domain name section of the site and click on the link “transfer your domain”. You will then see the following interface, where you can check if your domain name is transferable and insert the transfer code.

In order to proceed to a transfer of domain name, you must own it at another registrar.

Once the transfer code is submitted, the domain’s primary contact will receive an email requesting permission to transfer. It may take a few days, depending on the original registrar. Once the transfer is authorized by email, we can then formalize the transfer in the following days.

If you have more questions about your accommodation, you can consult our knowledge base here: You can also contact us for free, by phone, by chat or by ticket, at any time. It will be our pleasure to answer all your questions.

Updated on 18 August 2021

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