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In this article, we will explain the policies regarding Belgium, whose TLDs are managed by dnsbelgium.

The reader is encouraged to understand all the concepts and terms outlined in the Basics before proceeding further with this article. In fact, this article is written on the premise that the reader is familiar with the terminology used.


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If necessary, refer to the Country-Code Domain Specifications article.

Specifications of the Name Fields in the Belgium “.be” ccTLD

The .be TLD is an open registry: it is not necessary to be a Belgian resident or a commercial operator to register a .be domain.

The “Name” field called VATNO is mandatory for commercial organizations. This is the Value Added Tax (VAT) number of your organization.

Domain Transfer Specifications

If a domain transfer is made, the expiration date becomes the date of the transfer plus one year.

During an attempt to transfer a domain, users may get the error “Request recognized as harmful and will not be processed”. This error can occur for several reasons:

  • The author code is invalid or is entered incorrectly.
  • Several transfer approval email addresses are provided. It is imperative that you make sure to use the most recent address, as each new submission will invalidate the previous one.
  • The contact information on the transfer request is not exactly the same as the contact information currently on the domain. A simple different character may cause the problem.

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Updated on 17 August 2021

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