Spain (.es) Domain Specifications


In this article, we will explain the policies regarding the Spain (.es) ccTLD.

The reader is encouraged to understand all the concepts and terms outlined in the Basics before proceeding further with this article. In fact, this article is written on the premise that the reader is familiar with the terminology used.


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If necessary, refer to the article about Country-Code Domain Specifications.

Specifications of the Name Fields in the Spain (.es) ccTLD

Name fieldOptions
ID Form TypePersonal fiscal ID Number (NIF).Foreigners identification number (NIE).Value Added Tax (VAT) Number of your organization.
ID Form NumberNIF or NIE (if applicable).
Legal FormIndividual.Economic Interest Group.Association.Sports Association.Professional Association.Savings Bank.Community Property.Community of Owners.Order or Religous Institution.Consulat.Public Law Association.Embassy.Local Authority.Sports Federation.Foundation.Mutual Insurance Company.Regional Government Body.Central Government Body.Political Party.Trade Union.Farm Partnership.Public Limited Company.Sports Association.Civil Society.General Partnership.General and Limited Partnership.Cooperative.Worker-owned Company.Limited Company.Spanish Office.Temporary Alliance of Enterprises.Worker-owned Limited Company.Regional Public Entity.National Public Entity.Local Public Entity.Others.Designation of Origin Supervisory Council.Entity Managing Natural Areas.

Domain Transfer Specifications 

The .es domains do not have a transfer lock or authorization code. When a transfer is initiated, a transfer approval email is sent directly from the registry to the administrative contact. The registrant then has 10 days to approve the transfer or the order is automatically cancelled. Registration is not renewed once the transfer is completed.

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Updated on 7 February 2024

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