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How to unblock my IP address in the firewall

This procedure will guide you through the process of unblocking your IP address in the firewall. This situation might be caused by different problems such as repeated login failures: mail, cPanel, webmail, etc. At PlanetHoster we know that your time is crucial so we have set up a mechanism to allow “self unblocking” easily.

Let’s see what happens after many failed login attempts to the cPanel account with the wrong password. We are greeted with the following error: “Login details incorrect. Please try again.“:

After a couple of retries, we can no longer reach our website and nothing seems to work anymore. What to do?

No need to panic! Simply go to your PlanetHoster customer area at https://my.planethoster.net. Then click on MY SERVICES -> Hosting Management. On the information page of the World account in question, we will find all the necessary login information in order to connect to the cPanel account via the button of the same name (how).

This link redirects us to the cPanel connection but since the IP address is blocked, we receive an error message.

At the middle of the error page, you will find a reCAPTCHA self delist form. Use it to unblock your IP address.

The system will then ask you to solve a small riddle to confirm that you are not a robot, simply solve the CAPTCHA and click VERIFY.

If the Captcha validation was successful, you will see a green check mark appear, click on the orange button named Unblock.

Finally, the system tells you that it has unblocked the IP address.

Now we have successfully unblocked our IP address on the World infrastructure, if the blocking situation persists, do not hesitate to contact PlanetHoster technical support either by chat, phone or support ticket and we will be happy to check it together.

If it does not work, feel free to contact us either by ticket at https://my.planethoster.com/v2/my-support/tickets or directly by chat from our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/PlanetHoster/.

Updated on 6 February 2024

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