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How the Hosting Management Interface Works

The interfaces used for Hosting Management allow you to view and search your accounts by filters, create accounts and manage the resources allocated to each of your hosting accounts. You can also delete, suspend or reactivate a hosting account at PlanetHoster.

This article presents the interfaces at high-level, with links to more specific articles.

Note : PlanetHoster customers who only have only registered a domain name do not see this interface.

Note : Throughout all the articles related to hosting management, you will see the term “V2”. This means “Version 2”.

The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms.


Enter the following address in your web browserhttps://my.planethoster.com.

Note : Sometimes a pop-up window is blocked. If a message like “Pop-up blocked” is displayed, close the pop-up blocker (how).

Web Hosting Infrastructure at PlanetHoster

Understanding the infrastructure currently offered by PlanetHoster (which is also a web host) is a necessary prerequisite before we get into the details of hosting management:

PlanetHoster offers two types of products: The World and HybridCloud. The World allows the choice of location: the possible zones are Europe or North America.

A web hosting account at PlanetHoster can be managed through two control panels: N0C and cPanel.

Note : From now on, cPanel is used only for existing accounts (it is no longer possible to create a managed hosting account with cPanel). Only the N0C panel is used for new accounts hosted at PlanetHoster.

The World is a shared web hosting product.

Two modes are available, namely the standard mode and the Pro mode: the latter contains more features than the standard mode.

Note : The more advanced mode was formerly called “VIP”. It was renamed to “Pro”. The specifics of each mode have also evolved. Please see the blog Two Modes for The World: Standard and Pro.

The Pro mode is more focused on E-Commerce. Thanks to the advanced caching of Litespeed Enterprise (LSCache with ESI and LiteMage), this mode ensures that your Magento, Prestashop, Shopware or OpenCart loads at lightning speed and thus increases your online transactions. It is also worth noting that the Pro mode has a semi-dedicated environment, i.e. the hosting is on a server with very few accounts and with performance priority.

Unlike The World (which, as we remember, is a shared product), the second product, HybridCloud, offers a dedicated server.

Account Management

PlanetHoster has adopted a user-friendly interface to help you manage your hosting.

The Account Management interface allows you to see, for each of your accounts at PlanetHoster, its DOMAIN, INFRASTRUCTURE, LOCATION (country where the server is located), TYPE (World or HybridCloud), PLATFORM for managing the hosting account (N0C or cPanel control panel) and STATUS (active, suspended, etc.). You can also filter the account search. Finally, with a single click under LOGIN, you can connect directly to the platform supporting a given account.

To access the interface :

  1. Click on Web Hosting -> Account Management in the menu.
  2. The accounts are displayed (clear the cache or log in again if you have trouble opening the interface):

Please click here to read the article providing the details about this view.

Display Formats

Two display formats of the Account Management interface are available.

  1. Locate the following two icons, the one on the right giving access to a table display (default):
  1. The icon on the left provides a detailed display of the hosting accounts:

Overview and Management of Resources

The interface provides information to help manage the resources allocated to each of your hosting accounts and also to get a global overview of them.

  1. Click on Web Hosting -> Resource Management.
  2. Click on The World (Shared) or HybridCloud (Dedicated); for the later, you have to choose the infrastructure too.
  3. The Resources pool and the Resources allocation management interface is then displayed.

Please click here to read the article providing the details about resource management for a The World and here for the equivalent artice for a HybridCloud.

Creation of an Hosting Account

The interface is designed to guide you step by step through the creation of a hosting account.

Click on Web Hosting -> Create Account or, what amounts to the same thing, on the Create button in the Account Management interface:

Simply provide the requested information and click on the Continue button to complete.

Please click here to read the article providing the details about account creation.

Useful References

Please refer to the following articles if you want to learn about DNS management when linking PlanetHoster domains to other platforms:

AllLinking a PlanetHoster Domain to Shopify and Wix Platforms
ShopifyChanging Server Names For a Shopify Connection
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Updated on 9 April 2024

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