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Copy your site in your The World hosting

To copy your site from another host to your World, you can follow these steps:

  1. Copy your files present on your present hosting by FTP, on your computer.
  2. Copy these files by FTP on your World hosting in the public_html folder for your main domain.

    If it is for another site than your main domain you will first need to add the domain as an additional domain.
    See the following guide:
    World Icons> Domains> AdditionalOnce done, you will need to put your files in the root folder of your site.
  3. Export to your computer your database from your phpMyAdmin utility of your present hosting.
  4. Create a database on your World hosting from the “Database” tool.
    How to create your database in World
  5. Import the previously exported database into your new database via the PHPMyAdmin tool of your World account.
    How to use PHPmyadmin in the World panel
  6. Modify your connection configuration files to the database of your website with the new information previously generated during the creation of the database.
    How to modify the configuration file in the Database
  7. Recreate your email accounts
    Once done, you can then modify the NameServers of your domains for those of PlanetHoster:
Updated on 18 August 2021

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