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PlanetHoster Client Area in a Nutshell


The purpose of this article is to familiarize you at a high level with the possibilities of the Client Area interface.

Connecting to the Client Area

The Client Area Login dialog box can be accessed in two ways:

Then, in the Client Area Login dialog box:

  1. Enter your Email Address. This is the email associated with your PlanetHoster account:
  1. The Password is the one you chose when you made the order.
  2. Click on the Login button to access the Client Area.

Structure of the Interface

AMenu area. It allows:
– To identify the user who is connected and to know the number of days you are a PlanetHoster customer.
– To know the SERVICE STATUS.
– To change the language of the user interface (FR or EN).
– To ORDER a product or a service (The World, HybridCloud or a VPN), or to buy Domain Names.
– To open a ticket by clicking on CONTACT.
BTabs area. They give access to the icons or directly to the interfaces of some functionalities.
CIcon area. They give access to the interfaces of the functionalities.
DFonctionalities interface area.

“Client Area” Tab

We describe herein at a high level the functionalities of your CLIENT AREA itself.

“Overview” Icon

When you click on the Overview icon, you can see general information about the billing:

ACredit BalanceFull payment to be made to PlanetHoster.
BRécapitulativeNumber of Domains with PlanetHoster and Products (hosting and others).
CAdd FundsYou can deposit money into your PlanetHoster account as a credit so that future invoices will be debited automatically.

Other Icons for the Client Area

My ProfileChange the information associated with your profile.
My InvoicesSee and manage your invoices.
My AffiliationManage your affiliations.
My EmailsAccess the history of the messages we have sent you.
My ContactsAdd and manage your contacts.
SecurityManage the security of your account.

“My Services” Tab

The tab MY SERVICES gives access to the interfaces allowing you to use the services at your disposal.

HostingsAccess to the management or order interface of the dedicated web hosting.
The general information of your World hosting is centralized in an interface allowing to consult it easily. The interface also allows you to adjust the global pool of resources by ordering an increase in the resources of your The World (for example, when you want to create additional hosting accounts). You can cancel a The World service. You can also change your login password and move to a higher plan. Please refer to the article The World: Startup Guide.
The HybridCloud plan is a service dedicated to web professionals who need high performance and greater flexibility than shared hosting, while being supported by PlanetHoster’s support team, free of charge and at all times. This solution offers you several advantages, such as complete isolation of your resources on a dedicated HybridCloud and the ability to increase the available resources at any time. Please refer to the article HybridCloud: Startup Guide.
DomainsThe customer area is equipped with a simple and efficient domain name management platform. You can have access to an overview of the domains that allows you to manage several at the same time. It is also possible to have access to multiple functionalities and details specific to a given domain:
-General domain name information (lock, authInfo, WHOIS protection and automatic renewal).
-Ability to change WHOIS data.
-Ability to modify DNS entries.
-Possibility to manage DNS zone (only if your domain is not hosted at PlanetHoster; you can use the “Advanced DNS” option in cPanel if possible).
Please refer to the article Domains: Presentation.
Other ServicesSummary table of other services that PlanetHoster offers. Among others: VPN, Softaculous License, Litespeed License, CloudLinux License and KernelCare License.
HostedEmailAccess to the messaging products that PlanetHoster provides for you. You can modify your plan, decide on the billing cycle, and create or manage accounts and aliases.

Hosting Management

The tab MY SERVICES also gives access to the management interface of the shared web hosting.

Interfaces allow you to overview and search your accounts by filters, create accounts and manage the resources allocated to each of your shared hosting accounts. You can also delete, suspend or reactivate a hosting account at PlanetHoster.

Please refer to the article Hosting Management.

“My Support” Tab

This tab gives access to the My Tickets interface:

Here you can create a ticket to get help from technical support and track your tickets.

“Domain API” Tab

This tab provides access to the Domain API, which allows to set up the purchase of domains and World accounts from your customers:

Please see the article Domaines : API.

“News” Tab

This tab gives access to our blogs:

“Knowledge Base” Tab

By clicking on the KNOWLEDGE BASE tab, you open this interface where are classified by themes the articles to which you can refer to make the most of what PlanetHoster puts at your disposal:

Updated on 16 November 2022

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