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How to Move an Offer or Plan to a Higher Level

You have a hosting plan with PlanetHoster. Then, one day, you realize that the plan has limitations: it no longer meets your needs. Then you have to consider switching to a higher plan.

In this article, we will explain in detail how to do this. We will start by summarizing the usual approach in a flow chart. We will then use this diagram to provide the details throughout the article.


Click on my.planethoster.com to connect to your PlanetHoster account in the Client Area.

General Information

When you upgrade to a higher plan, you will be prompted to pay only the difference on your bill. The process is automated. The upgrade is instantaneous and without interruption of service.

If not familiar with PlanetHoster’s hosting infrastructure, the reader is encouraged to read the article accessible by clicking here.

We strongly encourage our customers to move from a legacy plan to The World. The return on investment is well worth it given the low effort required on their part as this migration is fully automatic.

Note : The PlanetHoster Glossary contains explanations on multiple topics and can be consulted to clarify certain terms

Possible Options

The purpose of the evolution diagram below is to help understand the usual steps for moving to a higher degree. It is always possible to adopt another method.

Options to Move a Plan or an Offer to a Higher Level

Convert World Lite to The World

If the World Lite plan is too limited, the customer must switch to The World plan. The conversion is fully automatic (how).

Increase the Existing Resources of The World Plan

When the message “You do not have enough resources to create a new World hosting account” is displayed, you can avoid the need to obtain additional resources with the associated costs by changing the resources allocated to one or more accounts (how).

Buy Additional Resources

Sometimes the entire global resource pool has been allocated to one or more of your Portfolio accounts, in which case a message is displayed. In this case, you need to increase the resources of the World account (how).

Going to Next Level: World LiteSpeed

Once the entire global resource pool has been allocated to one or more accounts in their portfolio, some customers may choose to move directly to the higher World LiteSpeed (WorldLS) plan. In this case, a minimum resource pool of 8 CPU / 16 GB RAM / 16 MB/s IO is required.

You need to open a ticket in your customer area and ask us to do it for you.

Migrate to a HybridCloud

If the shared solution is no longer appropriate and dedicated resources become imperative, you should consider migrating your World account to a HybridCloud plan. 

A HybridCloud plan order includes the migration of one World account. You must pay for the migration of additional World accounts.

Here are the steps to take to purchase a HybridCloud:

  • Do not close your World Account at first.
  • Please follow the process detailed in the article available by clicking here.
  • As soon as the HybridCloud account is active, please open a ticket requesting the migration of the World . We remind you that both hosts must be active, otherwise the migration will be impossible. 
  • Once the migration from The World is complete and you have been notified on the ticket return, you must close your World account.

Note : Increasing and decreasing the CPU, RAM and disk space of a HybridCloud dedicated server requires a 5 minute reboot.

Note : Certain conditions apply. For more information, our pre-sales department is at your disposal.


Updated on 6 February 2024

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